The Funniest Turkish Comedy Series Ever

This is a list of Turkish comedy series that have been broadcast on Turkish television so far and have managed to make us laugh. Unfortunately, recent productions could not make the list. I wonder if over the years the sector has become industrialized and has become a field created with bad scenarios with the sole purpose of making money. This is evidenced by the fact that the ranking is almost entirely filled with old Turkish comedy series.

Proudly presents the best recommendations Turkish Comedy Series:

1 Kadın 1 Erkek

Turkish Comedy series One Man One Woman
Comedy series in Turkey
Production: Ortaks Production IMDb: 7.9 Comedy Season: 8(2008-2015) 40 min

Cast: Demet Evgar, Emre Karayel

It is the most successful 2-person television series in the country. Over the years, movies have been made and formats have changed. It continues in series from the period of being lovers to the period of marriage with two children.

life for two; The most interesting type of relationship since the creation of mankind is love. 1 Woman 1 Man highlights the difficulties and beauties of the love relationship that has not changed for centuries.

Ekmek Teknesi

Funny Turkish TV Series Ekmek Teknesi
Production: Cinegraf IMDb: 8 Comedy Season: 3(2002-2005) 55 min

Cast: Savaş Dinçel, Hasan Kaçan, Ahmet Yenilmez, Peker Açıkalın, Kadir Çöpdemir

If you are of age, you will thank us for reminding you; if not, you will thank us for suggesting it. It is the myth made flesh. For each of its carefully crafted characters, a series is made. Sometimes I open a random Herodotus Cevdet story on Youtube.

In the early 2000s, in a sweet neighborhood, Baker Nusret Baba tries to turn his bread boat. Crazy girls and pearl-like neighborhood characters make every scene festive. Even now, special programs are made for their haunting characters.


Sıdıka. Turkish comedy series
Production: Lemon Movie IMDb: 8.1 Comedy Season: 7(1997-2003) 20 min

Cast: Hasibe Eren, Füsun Demirel, Figen Evren, Şafak Sezer

It is perhaps the oldest Turkish comedy series. The heartbreaking situation of housewives in those years is conveyed with humor. Fortunately, the position of women in the country today is much more advanced than Sıdıka and her peers. I hope no one was treated that way.

The problems of Sıdıka, the unfortunate daughter of the Saka family, who live in one of the suburbs of Istanbul, are endless. Despite her idiot brother, alcoholic father and classic housewife mother, Sıdıka improved herself by reading books. But because she is confined to the house by her family, her only connection to the outside world is through a window.

Bir Demet Tiyatro

Bir Demet Tiyatro Turkish Comedy Series
Production: BKM IMDb: 8.5 Comedy Season: 8(1995-2002) 45 min

Cast: Yılmaz Erdoğan, Demet Akbağ, Serhat Özcan, Erdal Tosun, Erdoğan Dikmen

It is the series that made Yılmaz Erdoğan famous nationwide. Due to financial constraints, the sets were changed and only 1 scene was shot. BKM’s first pain in the eye is its last impossibility. After BKM, he managed to produce high-budget TV series and movies.

Written by Yılmaz Erdoğan and featuring many successful actors such as Demet Akbağ and Erdal Tosun, it once made Turkey laugh. The fights of the young man Mükremin Çıtır and the fight for love form the main lines.

Tatlı Hayat

Tatlı Hayat Turkish TV Series Funny
Production: Med Production IMDb: 8.5 Comedy Season: 3(2001-2004) 58 min

Cast: Haluk Bilginer, Türkan Şoray, Celal Kadri Kinoglu, Asuman Dabak

He has a wealth of character. You will love the insanity of Ihsan Yildirim, the extreme story of Irfan the Alien and the sweetness of Türkan Şoray. As a promotion, it offers Turkish-Greek jokes and Violet’s sarcastic remarks to Yorgo the Greek. The article is fully up to date and will be updated continuously. So much so that saying Turkish comedy series 2023 does not grin. You can visit here again.

The series, starring the great actors Haluk Bilginer and Türkan Şoray, presents the life of İhsan Yıldırım, who was born between one room, one living room, half kitchen, quarter bathroom and cruel natural conditions, after he grew up and became a businessman with 7 dry cleaning chains. Based on the TV series The Jeffersons.

İşler Güçler

Isler Güçler Turkish Comedy Series
Production: Limon Film IMDb: 8.5 Comedy Season: 1(2012-2013) 86 minutes

Cast: Murat Cemcir, Ahmet Kural, Sadi Celil Cengiz, Şinasi Yurtsever, Yılmaz Gruda

When we thought that the programs on television were dying and that we would no longer be able to watch anything decent, Selçuk Aydemir and his team of actors said that enough was enough. It lasted 1 season. Unlike its ordinary counterparts, The Cottage is not a periodic series. Viewers will agree that they wish it had been longer.

Murat Cemcir and Ahmet Kural were unsuccessful at the box office in the movie “Çalgı çengi”. Sadi Celil Cengiz is trying to hold on to his acting career. This trio does not give up hope and tries to gain a foothold on television screens. In a way, İşler Güçler, which was based on their real lives, brought a new sense of humor to Turkey.

Avrupa Yakası

Turkey comedy series Avrupa Yakası
Production: Plato Film IMDb: 8.5 Comedy Season: 6(2004-2009) 60 minutes

Cast: Gürse Birsel, Gazanfer Özcan, Engin Günaydın, Ata Demirer, Tolga Çevik, Levent Üzümcü

Go out and ask the first person who comes in front of you “What arethe best Turkish comedy series?”. I guarantee that one of the 3 series he will name is Avrupa Yakası. It has produced a considerable number of comedians.

Go straight from Anatolia, pass Ankara on the right, a little above Bursa, just below the bridge after Altunizade, on the European side… The Sütçüoğlu family lives and works in Nişantaşı. Aslı’s business dealings, her brother Volkan’s efforts to become a famous artist and the aspirations of the rest of the family set the general course.

Kardeş Payı

Kardeş Payı Comedy Series
Production: NTC Media IMDb: 8.6 Comedy Season: 2(2014-2015) 70 minutes

Cast: Ahmet Kural, Murat Cemcir, Seda Bakan, Emrah Kaman, Ayhan Taş, Ali İhsan Varol

It is the work of Selçuk Aydemir that has once again established a throne in our hearts. The contribution of the Kaman brothers should not be forgotten. There was a time when the same team was talking about a new series. We are still keeping an ear to the ground. Let them do something new so we can laugh. Because as a nation we need a lot of laughter.

Two brothers who are plumbers who want to bring peace, happiness and tranquility to the world produce engines that work with boron mine. In Kanlıca, where the neighborhood spirit still exists, even neighboring shopkeepers will be a factor in determining the fate of the world. Of course, foreign powers will try to destroy the invention.

7 Numara

7 Numara Turkish Comedy Series
Production: Oya Yüce IMDb: 8.7 Comedy Season: 3(2000-2003) 45 min

Cast: Nuray Uslu, Gülden Güney, Engin Alkan, Ayça Mutlugil, Volkan Girgin, Okan Selvi

When you see Recep’s hostility to extravagance, Sabit’s acting adventure, Ayten’s annoying intellectualism, Rüya’s flood of emotions, Haydar and Armağan’s sincere love, you too will become a resident of number 7. I mean, I guess, I guess, I guess, I guess.

Coming to Istanbul to read the main story; As a result of the fact that two rural Emmi sons and the girls, who are monuments of civilization, cannot find a rented house suitable for their budgets, they start by compulsorily renting a house together. The difference in culture almost turns the home into a battlefield. Over time, they warm up to each other and create a sweet atmosphere.

Leyla and Mecnun

Leyla Ile Mecnun Turkey Comedy Series Recommendations
Production: EfLAtunfilm IMDb: 9.1 Comedy Season: 3(2011-2013) 80 min

Cast: Ali Atay, Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, Serkan Keskin, Cengiz Bozkurt

Dear passengers, we are at the top as of now. Please keep your seat belts fastened and your seats upright. It has a cult following with a conservative audience. Some of his lines are on the street walls and in our mouths. For this reason, I don’t feel the need to explain much. It is the domestic comedy serieswith the highest IMDb score.

It is formed by the absurd adaptation of the story of Leyla and Majnun. According to IMDb, it is the highest rated TV series in Turkey.

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