Police Series Recommendation: The Mentalist

We are opening with a series recommendation. Today we will introduce The Mentalist, an alternative option for those looking for a Sherlock Holmes-like series. Let’s get started.

The Mentalist

Genre: Detective Story Air Date: September 23, 2008 Season: 7 IMDb: 8.1

Let’s start with the meaning of mentalist. Mentalist, as stated in the show’s intro, means “a person who uses mental intelligence to practice hypnosis and suggestion”. This person is our main character, Patrick Jane, who captures our hearts with his sympathy.

Patrick Jane is a particularly good observer who excels at character analysis. Once upon a time, he gained fame and money by deceiving various rich families with his skills such as hypnosis or pretending to be a medium who communicates with dead people and spirits on television programs. Until he answered a TV question about the serial killer Red John. After angering the serial killer, Jane receives a big blow from him in the soft spot.

With the first episode, we see Jane now using her abilities as a consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation. Lisbon’s team. By helping other murders, step by step, we witness the adventure of getting closer to revenge. In this cast you’ll find Cho, the warm-hearted sourpuss, Rigsby the love child and the beautiful Van Pelt.

The biggest problem for The Lonely Mentalist is that it doesn’t always continue the main storyline, reworks the classic murder methods and gets too repetitive. I have to add this. If you want to watch a Sherlock Holmes deduction series. I think you should give this show a chance.

Maybe there’s a nice little scene from The Mentalist here.

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